I am currently in Raleigh, North Carolina looking for new horizons and new challenges.
In my more recent past I considered myself privileged to have been Councillor to represent the residents of Hadleigh. My life’s experiences let me bring to the Council a firm, unrelenting focus on our community’s needs and  continued well being.  I believe in not holding power but holding those in power to account and “rocking the boat”, when necessary, in the Council chamber to support Hadleigh’s needs.
Hadleigh is always changing and the experiences of the other market towns in East Anglia should be our guide. Many of them suffer from inappropriate supermarket development.
We need to reclaim our streets from the drive through traffic which contributes nothing to us but inconvenience, pollution and expense.
We need to ensure that local housing goes to local people first so that our young families do not become economic migrants.
We need to honour our veterans who risk so much for us, so that they can settle in Babergh if they wish rather than having to return to the area where they enlisted.
As a Councillor I made myself available to the community by e-mail, mobile ‘phone, Skype and  a frequent “walk in” surgery where constituency residents could drop by and discuss developments and concerns.

More updates to follows in due course.


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