HadCham Saturday 21st May 2011

The farmers are holding their annual show day. The Chamber of Commerce are sharing their space with ­­five enterprises. I am on the stand  for as good couple of hours promoting the Chamber and generally chatting to passersby. We are to be dressed in Victorian clothing as our exhibition  is based on Hadleigh in 1911 and now. I am wearing a boater and a striped apron – almost time neutral.­­

At the show I ran across Janine Edgar of Crafty Cooks – which is a pre-school cookery club see www.craftycooks.co.uk. It was early in the day so we exchanged views on positioning and footfall.  We also discussed way of interacting with the people of Hadleigh North.

I also meet Kathy Parnham who has just started a woodwind repair business from her home. We discuss ways of our the Chamber might help her but also how she might get her business of the ground  by leveraging local contacts.

HadCham Tues May 10th 2011

I attend a committee meeting of the Hadleigh Chamber of Commerce. We briefly discussed a lack of contact with Hadleigh High School regarding Young Enterprise and the like – so I offered to contact One Suffolk. The High School stops at the age of sixteen which might explain their lack of interest.

Most of our time was spent discussing the arrangements for our stand at the Hadleigh Show (May 21st).

Lots of good ideas and offers of muscle.

The real star is Darrell Thompson of Darrell Thompson Associates who hustles around making things happen.