The Stowupland Cockerels

One problem of many communities is  that of incomers who wish to change a world which has gone on for centuries. A good example is people who complain about Church bells being too loud and intrusive.
Normally, people (including Councils) just shrug their shoulders and tell the complainants to get on with their lives. Sometimes the spirit of live and let live prevails and everything goes on as normal. At other times the local council feels obliged to serve noise abatement orders on the offending parties.
One such case reached the newspapers last month when Nick Stutchbury  was fined £50 plus £300 costs for noise from his cockerels.
And then the Small/Big society came into its own. The East Anglian Daily Times reports that Mr. Stutchbury’s supporters at his local pub have raised the money needed to pay the fine and the court costs. Mr. Stutchbury is described as “a gentle fellow who  makes bit of a living from selling eggs.”

It’s what living in the countryside is all about and if you do not like it – then look to live somewhere else.

The original report was on the 3rd November. See for more details – especially the comments