The Chocolate Teapots Strike Again

What was Stuart Keeble (Suffolk’s Public Health Chief) thinking of?
On Tuesday 22nd Dec he told us that Covid infections were rising in Babergh and Ipswich.
Where in Babergh?
Where in Ipswich?
Was Hadleigh under plague rules once again?
Were the roads linking Sudbury/Braintree/Colchester a corridor for Covid infections?
It’s one thing to be told that Tier 3 is very probable, but we could have been told which postcodes we should avoid.
Instead of useful information, all we had were talking heads telling us we need to be careful and look out for one another.
Meanwhile Ipswich hospital is struggling to cope with bed numbers so high that some patients are being treated on the back of ambulances whilst space is found for them.
The Chief Executive of the East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation Trust (Mr Nick Hulme) which runs the hospital treated us to a prize winning piece of sophistry when he apologised for the breach of the A&E four hour limits  by saying that no one had waited longer than twelve hours in December.
It would appear that the Chocolate Teapot Society is finding new membership everywhere in Suffolk’s Public Health sector.
We deserve better than this and our appointees and elected representatives should treat us with the respect that we deserve.

Post Script:
Just as I finished writing this, it has been announced that we shall be entering Tier 4 at 00.01 on Boxing Day